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phil. >> reporter: you have heard of the spotted owl and san francisco has its own version coming up against the america's cup. here's the story. san francisco's plans for the cup race is hitting turbulence. not over the crowds that are expected or the multi-million dollar just that are expected to race in it. it's about seaweed. not just any seaweed but a particular weed called the [ foreign language ] otherwise known as japanese kelp. it has been sneaking into the bay for the past four years. the fear is it might hitch a ride on some of the boats that will be here for the event and spread across the bay. >> it comes into marinas and estuaries and displaces our local seaweed so a lot of our animals can't eat it and it changes the whole ecology the bay. >> reporter: so basically, our fish here don't like asian seaweed is that correct, sir
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it? >> probably not. although interestingly enough it's the same seaweed we would eat in miso soup. >> reporter: it put the state in foul water. >> fouls, fishing gear, pro poler, it's a fast growing intrusive species. >> reporter: the state raising a red flag on the weed worry is no surprise. >> we have already been working with environmental stakeholders and even reaching out to places like the smithsonian institution to figure out best practice. >> reporter: it's not like the vase going to create the problem. every day boats like these go out and spread it around more. every day tankers come into the bay, ships coming in carrying it. but the city wants to tear down and rebuild a number of aging piers along the waterfront that are likely infested with the invadin seaweed. that's like setting off a bomb. >> it likes to attach to a hard structure like a pier or boat hull and when you move it at the wrong time it releases
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thousands of spores which can go anywhere. >> i think it's going to be a problem? no. i think we are excited that we have the energy to address this problem. >> reporter: why is the seaweed that's so popular to eat in asia such a problem when it gets here? >> unfortunately, the stuff that's migrated here is so polluted with toxins that we can't eat it. >> reporter: so there you have it. san francisco's own little version of the spotted owl. what can i say? even by our standards, this one is one for the books. >> yeah. this will get cleaned up when they move those piers. are they looking for race organizers to help foot the bill? >> reporter: yes. they are looking for race organizers to help and they are going to have to come up with a plan and maybe even wrap up the piers surround them with plastic when they demolish them to contain it. like said, there's always something. and this race is no exception. back to you. >> thank you, phil matier, thank you. it was his life's mission to help those less fortunate. early this morning a good samaritan was shot as he
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carried out the mission. it happened on 47th avenue in east oakland. mark sayre on what happened to the man known as brother john. >> reporter: the people who knew him said he has a big heart and they are devastated. >> reporter: gave him fish and french fries. >> reporter: william holloway says the man he had come to know as brother john had just stopped by with a hot meal when somebody drove by in a van and opened fire. >> from that point on he shot three times and then two more shots. >> reporter: you heard five shots? >> five shots. the guy don't even know brother john. this is a random senseless shooting that should have never happened. if it hadn't been for brother john, they would have got shot. >> are you all right? >> yeah, i made it through. >> reporter: holloway says brother john has been bringing him food on the streets of east oakland for about a year, sometimes three days a week. >> he was a nice guy. him and his wife fixed the food at home and bring it out here to feed people.
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>> reporter: the shooting happened at 12:30 a.m. at 47th and san leandro. oakland police say the original report came into the chp when somebody flagged down an officer to report someone was show thed shot. >> we need witnesses to let us know if they saw anything unusual. a lot of times it's just that one tip, small or large, that ends up breaking the case open and we want to bring closure to this family. so we want people to come forward. >> reporter: back at the crime scene, tony wright heard the gunshots but didn't know it was brother john who had been hit. >> he got food in his hands to give to somebody. he's got his wife and kid with him. why should this happen? why? >> reporter: now, oakland police have not released the name of the victim. we are told that his wife was hit, as well. also one of two children in the car also suffered minor
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injuries. live in oakland, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. that sort of violence is exactly why oakland police are keeping their eyes on ex-cons. christin ayers shows us what they are looking for. >> they can run but they can't hide. sooner or later the oakland police department will finds them. >> reporter: it's 7 a.m. wednesday morning and a dozen oakland police and probation officers pull up to a home and surround it armed with guns and the element of surprise. the convicts who says he lives here has not necessarily done anything to warrants an arrest but he might and in a rare joint raid officers are searching the home for any sign he might be breaking the law behind closed doors. >> we are searching a certain number of house. we are trying to arrest a certain number of people and pulling guns off the street as well. >> reporter: they are targeting criminals likely to strike again. since last week, police hit roughly 120 homes and made 20 arrests mostly of convicts who are still dealing drugs or carrying guns in violation of
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their probation. the manpower may seem overblown. but this is a city where a full 50% of homicide arrests this year were probationers and a state where 70% of freed inmates end up back in jail. the problem and officers run into it repeatedly here in the field, is that probationers often don't live where they say they do and it's hard to track them down. not keeping track of a released criminal can prove deadly. michael heartsman anthony was on parole in may when he got his hands on a gun and murdered a bright popular high school senior boy on the verge of graduation. at 3 homes we visited, there was no sign of the convict in question. this was day four the raid and police say word travels fast. officers say it's too toler tell if this was a true success -- too early to tell if this was a true success. >> ultimately it will be when crime goes down. that's what we want in oakland, citizens to feel safe in their environment. that's why we're doing this. >> reporter: in oakland,
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christin ayers, cbs 5. the brother of the parolee who died in a gun battle with san francisco police has been arrested in connection with the murder in seattle. 21-year-old ondrell harding is being held in the beating death of a 50-year-old man. he was arrested in seattle. the san francisco medical examiner determined 19-year-old kenneth harding died from his own bullet during a shootout with police in the bayview. seattle police wanted to talk to him in connection with another killing. plans to join the fbi are on hold for the man who shot and killed a man at the civic center station. bart says the officer opened fire after charles hill threw a knife at him. the shooting happened on what was to be one of the officer's last days at work at bart. the officer's lawyer tells the "chronicle" his client will join the fbi after he is cleared. bart police and sfpd are investigating the shooting. tonight jeopardy host alex trebek is recovering from a ruptured achilles tendon after
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chasing a burglar in san francisco. according to tmz, police say trebek woke up around 2:30 this morning to find this woman in his hotel room at the marriott marquis downtown. he was in the bay area hosting a national geographic world championship at google. trebek chased the intruder out but that's when he hurt his leg. police arrested her a short time later and found some of trebek's property stashed on his floor. >> beyond a shadow of a doubt, no, no, no doubt in my mind his life was saved. >> neighbors to the rescue. but it almost didn't happen. what convinced them to try one last time to pull a man from a burning building. a dirty deposit at a bay area bank. what these bags of trash have to do with the foreclosure crisis. the assistant manager called me, stating that i owe them money for damage to the truck. >> the cheap move that turned
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into an expensive nightmare for one bay area woman. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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fairfield plastics plant. tonight investigators think they know what started yesterday's six-alarm fire at a fairfield plastics plant. the fire marshal says an employee using an open flame device likely sparked the fire. the smoke came from the burning plastic bins manufactured at the plant. >> it was creating its own wind and the heat occurring inside there was sucking plastic bins into the fire. >> a few firefighters were treated for minor injuries. the fire led to a recommendation to shelter in place that lasted for several hours. tests were done on the air, the soil and the water last night. but we are told the results aren't in yet. >> based upon the review of the
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material in the plastic, it was what we call polypropylene, polyethylene. when that burns it puts out similar by-products as you would find in any wildfire basically. >> this is what the yard looked like today. cal-osha said it's launching an investigation into the fire and cbs 5 has learned that inspectors cited the company which is macro plastics four times in 2007 for safety violations. the company reached a settlement for those. three people from the east bay tonight are being credited with running into a burning home to pull a man to safety. neighbors noticed smoke coming from the house on arthur road yesterday afternoon and they had only minutes to act. ann notarangelo tells us now it was a rescue almost didn't happen. >> reporter: dana, this was a heroic team effort. everyone played their part perfectly. and in the end, it was two grown men and a teenager who saved a man's life. >> she said there is a fire so i just ran out right away.
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>> i see the window break out and then smoke comes flying up and my first reaction was to come over and, you know, help. >> there were flames going over the top of the roof. there was smoke coming out of any opportunity it had. >> reporter: while most people thought the house was empty, fred knew if the truck was in the front yard his neighbor was inside. later they found out he fell asleep and a lit cigarette started the fire. >> i knew he was in there. he started yelling back. don, fred! come on! just come, we can't get in! unlock the door. >> reporter: fred and two other neighbors, israel and j.t., worked in sync. they needed to get through the windows to open the door. >> like there's rocks right here might as well bash it in with that and jump through. >> reporter: getting through the window was easy compared to the blinding smoke. >> i went inside and i got all dizzy and said forget it i had to bail out. then i cut my hands and stuff. and then we just started getting back at it and started breaking this window and stuff and i kept yelling at don.
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>> reporter: when they took us inside the home today it looked much different without the floor-to-ceiling smoke but what happened was still crystal clear. >> i went in straight in and he was right there. i just grabbed his foot and dragged him out. >> reporter: but that one last try almost didn't happen. they had already been in and out of the house five times and israel, who has three children, thought, i can't sacrifice myself. >> i was puking. the smoke was crazy but i just wanted one more time. he needed one more time. >> reporter: but 16-year-old j.t. kept the momentum going. >> i think he is a big deal. he really is, because i was ready to quit. >> reporter: j.t. said the training he received in the u.s. naval cadet corps kicked in. what surprised him was finding the rock he used to break the window. >> it's a lot heavier than i remember. but yeah, when i picked it up,
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it felt like it was paper. i guess that's what adrenaline does to you. >> reporter: you're convinced that they saved his life? >> absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt. no --no doubt in my mind his life was saved by the loving and caring goodness of the people that live here. >> i'm just one of the lucky neighbors. a lot of people of would have done it. not everybody. there was lots of people watching. but he needed help. >> i didn't do this to be a hero. i did this to save a neighbor's life. >> reporter: don carol's wife says that he is in stable condition. its being treated for smoke inhalation at uc-davis' burn center. she knows he wouldn't be alive if it weren't for quick thinking actions of his neighbors. israel ran across the street without has shoes so he was barefoot when he was inside that burning home walking across all that broken glass. dana? >> and he was only thinking of someone else as were the other men.
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heroes all around us. that's great, ann. thank you. neighborhood heroes. we should celebrate them. >> yes, we should. hey, guys, you know what? strap on your seatbelt. we are going tore a ride. we are going to 650 california street looking at the low clouds and fog riding into the bay area right now. isn't that i am press i have? that's the marine layer. this is what it looks like on our satellite. the clouds are stacked up next to the seashore trying to move onshore around the san mateo coast into santa cruz. i saw earlier today between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. right here with this marine layer out over the open waters, i noticed this circulation in a counterclockwise fashion and that's what we call a weak eddy. what that does is it just pulls away the low clouds and fog with that rotation. and that's why we saw that partial clearing at the beaches today. 5 degrees the daytime high in pacifica. 46 in san francisco -- 64 in san francisco down from the
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average high of 69. mid-70s in santa rosa. 94 degrees in livermore. where else do you see it across the country than here? a 30-degree span from san francisco to the tri-valley. that's our microclimates. if you are out and about we are in the 60s, 70s, 80s and low 90s. tomorrow a return of the low clouds and fog inland. but with more of a northwest wind, also the compressing ridging of high pressure, we are going to see the clouds scour out a lot sooner than what happened today. so therefore additional warming from the 60s at the beaches to mid-90s inland. that seven-day forecast is still straight ahead. dana, allen? >> we'll be looking for it. thanks, roberta. do it yourself moves can save you money but not if you're slapped with an unfair and unexpected charge. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains how one east bay viewer's cheap move got very costly. reporter: >> i rented it because i was moving out of my townhouse. >> reporter: she never imagined
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u-haul could turn a simple move into an expensive nightmare. >> when i got the insurance and signed the contract, they said i didn't need to walk around the truck. >> reporter: and she says employees at this concord u- haul told her the same thing when she dropped it off six hours later. time saving advice she now wishes she had ignored because once she was home -- >> the assistant manager called me stating that i owed them money for damage to the truck. and i'm like no. >> reporter: u-haul accused violet of damaging the top of the truck, seen here in photos provided by the company. >> i said that's not my fault. and he said let me do my investigation. >> reporter: even though that investigation provided no proof she was responsible, violet was billed more than $1,200 and threatened with collections. and as for that insurance she paid for, she was told -- >> that only covers the lower area. >> reporter: that's when violent called consumerwatch and we discovered she is not alone. there are a number of posts online about u-haul wrongfully accusing customers of damage and even though they have an a
6:19 pm
plus rating the better business bureau has received more than 1800 complaints ranging from billing to service. >> telling a consumer not to inspect the vehicle doesn't make sense. >> reporter: you should inspect any rental before leaving the lot. >> i think it's pretty common for rent a cars or vehicles to go after the last person who has rented that vehicle for the damage that was done to it. >> reporter: and after learning that the hard way, violet has this advice. >> check the truck. take pictures, write down every detail. >> reporter: u-haul agrees and says the manager did not follow protocol. the company has dropped the charges against violet. the better business bureau says the ratings are on how many complaints the company responds
6:20 pm
to. call us for help at 1-888-5- helps-u. >> u-haul does a lot of business. >> a lot of trucks all over the country so a good decision to check the truck thoroughly before you leave the lot. >> use the cell phone camera. >> thank you. trying to lose weight? why reading could help to drop 10 pounds a year. we'll have that in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the november ballot. a judge tentat a ban on male sir kentucky significance in san francisco is likely to be struck from the november ballot. a judge at any timively ruled today that under state -- tentatively ruled today that under state law local jurisdictions have no right to regulate healthcare profession analysis. the proposed ballot measure would have made the procedure a misdemeanor punishable with a fine and jail time. a final hearing will be
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tomorrow morning. turns outputting calorie counts on restaurant menus does make a difference. but only if you actually read them. a study in the british medical journal says 15% of fast food customers use the calorie information and on average they order food with 100 fewer calories. so over a year that's a difference of 10 pounds. researchers polled 15,000 fast food customers in new york city. california's the first in the nation to set a public health goal for a chemical made famous in a hollywood movie. dr. kim explains. >> reporter: why i have drinking water here, it's commonly found in what you get out of the tap. it's called hexavalent chromium or chromium 6. and it was made famous in the legal case that was dramatized in the movie erin brockovich. chromium 6 is a heavy metal that gets into the ground water natural or by leaks from
6:24 pm
hazardous waist sites. it can cause cancer when inhaled or as seen with lab animals when ingested in drinking water. today the state of california set a level at which chromium six does not pose a health risk 0.02 parts per million. city water in san jose is 67 times as much so what's next? well, the state department of public health now needs to set a standard as close to the public health goal as possible. it could take up to two years. state official need to figure out if it's possible and if we can afford it. >> should people drink bottled water in the meantime? >> reporter: i think it's safe. i think it would be safer if we got rid it. that's the bottom line. it's so important to good health to drink water and i'm not telling people don't drink it. we are drinking day. it's there in different parts of the state. we can do better.
6:25 pm
>> great. hopefully soon. >> all right. thank you. well, the clock is ticking toward default. the rebellion threatening to derail the republican debt plan and what happens if congress misses the deadline! could frustration over the foreclosure crisis have led to a case of misguided anger here at a san jose bank? we'll show you what was delivered to the bank today and where it came from. letting drivers off the hook. why one big city just put the brakes on red light cameras. ,, [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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clock ti to the deadline. in just six days -- the treasury anxiety about a debt ceiling compromise is rising as the clock ticks down to the deadline. in just six days the treasury won't be able to pay the nation's bills triggering an unprecedented default that could be catastrophic for the global economy. jay dow is on capitol hill where both sides have failed to deliver on promises. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner has a revise the plan that appears to be more attractive to conservative republicans. question is whether it has chance of gaining traction with congressional democrats.
6:29 pm
reporter: house speaker john boehner is reworking the republican debt plan. a rebellion from some members of his own party and word from the congressional budget office that it did not deliver all of its promised cuts forced him to delay bringing the bill to the house floor. now some conservative lawmakers appear to be getting behind the rewrite. >> i have moved from leaning no to undecided to lean yes. >> it's a lot better than what we would have if we just let the senate democrats and president continue on their spending spree. >> there is no other all at any it out there that we think could pass --there is no other alternative out there that we think could pass the house. >> reporter: senate democrats continue to balk at the gop plan charging that the tea party is dictating it terms. >> we cannot let a small bloc of house republicans lead the whole nation off a cliff. >> reporter: the democrats' competing plan also fell short of delivering all the promised savings in its congressional budget off review. the main difference with the gop plan is that it raises the debt limit in one step instead of two. >> there is only one bill in congress that is a true compromise.
6:30 pm
we're running out of time. it's time to get serious about finding that compromise. >> reporter: both sides need to reach an agreement before next tuesday or the government could face a downgrading of its credit rating and run out of money to pay its bills. the white house continues to push democrats and republicans to work out a deal the president will sign. now that speaker boehner's plan is back on track, it's expected to come up for a vote tomorrow. allen? >> jay, is there -- i think a lot of people wonder, is there wiggle room on the august 2 deadline? >> reporter: if you listen to republicans, there is wiggle room. they already accuse president obama of overstating the severity of the debt crisis and they cite us treasury officials who say that an unexpected influx of tax payments may push that august 2 and date back but both sides agree that there is no wiggle room, no chance that they should let a default come
6:31 pm
about. allen? >> it affects the credit rating. if the speaker gets the support he needs and gets the bill out of the house, the senate -- it's not looking good there, is it? >> reporter: there isn't one senate democrat who is expected to vote for speaker boehner's plan. and we'll just have to wait and see exactly what happens after the vote, the house vote, tomorrow. >> sounds like a true stalemate to me. all right. jay dow, thank you. well, stocks took another beating today because of all of this. the dow fell almost 200 points. its worst showing since june 1. foreclosures have left a bad taste in the mouths of many who have had to look at neglected homes in their neighborhoods. but one bay area group is taking action against blight and filth. len ramirez on a deposit at a bay area bank that wasn't money. >> reporter: this story really illustrates the frustration and
6:32 pm
really the confusion people over who is responsible for properties in this big foreclosure mess that we're all into. now, today a group calling itself the alliance of californians for community empowerment delivered 3 large trash bags to a wells fargo bank branch here at story and king. the group says that the trash came from a wells fargo-owned foreclosure property nearby but even though wells fargo's name may appear on some property documents, bank of america is actually responsible for the upkeep of the property. they service the loan. but city officials say they have issued citation for blight to both banks. >> we are not waiting for the bike to do that n some case we are cleaning up the property without waiting for banks to do that. we are addressing the condition as quickly as we can. >> reporter: the property in question is on sinbad avenue in san jose. it's been vacant for at least
6:33 pm
six months according to neighbors. now, this afternoon, wells fargo did issue a statement to us saying that wells fargo serves as trustee and as such has no role in the foreclosure activities or maintenance of the property on sinbad avenue. >> reporter: we also got a late phone call today from bank of america, which owns the property, and says that they will be doing everything they can to fix whatever is wrong over there, mow the lawns, take care of that property as it should. dana, this is a big problem not only here in san jose but in neighborhoods all over the bay area because those homes sit vacant, people get into them, there's been reports of crime, prostitution, things like that, going on in those neighborhoods. and nobody wants to live near that. >> neighbors are fed up. len, thank you so much. trash from san francisco could soon be dumped in yuba county. the board of supervisors approved a $112 million
6:34 pm
contract with landfill owner recology. beginning in 2015, trash will be hauled by train to wheatland. supporters say the deal could save city residents $100 million over 10 years. opponents call it a sweetheart deal cutting competitive bidding and would harm the environment in yuba county. in april interim san francisco mayor ed lee sat down for an interview with cbs 5 and said this. >> i made myself a promise that i wouldn't run, and i want to keep it. >> tonight he is apparently changing his mind. lee is now considering a campaign for office in november and senator dianne feinstein is putting some pressure on saying san francisco needs his, quote, steady leadership and unifying presence in city hall. lee was appointed mayor by the board of supervisors in january to complete gavin newsom's term when he became lieutenant governor. slapped with a fine for running a light. not anymore. why one city is pulling the plug on red light cameras.
6:35 pm
it's a giants fan's dream and a bay area man just left it for the taking. how a thief got away with a stash of prized memorabilia. when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours!
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, earn ten dollars off when you spend just twenty-five storewide. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get ten dollars off with no exclusions! we make style affordable, you make it yours!
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jcpenney. the los ange council voted today to get rid of the red light came a program to catch red light runners one california city is going away. the los angeles city council voted today to get rid of the red light camera program. the decision puts los angeles at the center of a national debate over the cameras. the reason for phasing it out? trouble collecting fines. >> this is vindication day. >> it's a win for the people of los angeles. >> who told you not to pay the ticket? >> my inner voice. [ laughter ] >> she is one of 64,000 drivers who never paid the $550 fine. city officials say the problem is partly because of the way the law was written. fines were essentially voluntary and there are no
6:38 pm
consequences for those who don't pay. many other southern california cities have banned the cameras. san francisco police are looking for a repeat robber. they say that a woman held up the same credit union twice in 10 days. investigators say that in both cases, she walked into the sf fire credit union with a gun and demanded money. no one has been hurt. it's not clear how much money she took. both robberies happened in the early afternoon. and a man who left his keys in the car during a quick trip to a mcdonald's ended up getting his car stolen along with some valuable giants memorabilia that was inside. it happened before clock monday morning -- about 7:00 monday morning and surveillance video shows the suspect looking in several car windows but then getting into the silver hyundai at mcdonald's in walnut creek. inside the car were bats and baseballs signed by willie mccovey. >> it's kind of scary. we thought it was a safe place here. but maybe not. >> walnut creek is a very nice
6:39 pm
place and very safe place to live, very safe. >> police say the suspect is local but they are not releasing his name. but they expect those collectibles to turn up on ebay. an east bay woman rallies a community behind her idea to keep the homeless warm. >> they just donate, donate when i finally had to say slow down a little bit. >> the project that has so many people willing to contribute. it was warmer today than yesterday but not quite as warm as it will be tomorrow. now the day of the weekend that will be the hottest. but first what's happening in sports, dennis? >> roberta, you won't believe it. another no-hitter in the major leagues and a big hitter is coming to the giants. what san francisco gave up to add some juice to the line-up coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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love how you feel or your money back. the 250-year-old oak tree stands san mateo county may foot the bill to save granny from the axe. this 250-year-old oak tree stands in the way of a multi-
6:43 pm
million dollar water pipeline project in north fair oaks. the san francisco public utilities commission has given neighbors several options to save the tree. tunneling under it would cost $300,000 but now it appears the county may pay. some homeless people in the east bay are keeping warm with hand made blankets because this week's jefferson award winner got wrapped up in a sewing dilemma. >> reporter: you can't miss linda booth. shes the 64-year-old woman with rainbow hair hopping among all the lunchtime crowd. >> hamburger patties. >> all right. >> reporter: linda has spent the last 16 years waitressing at albert's cafe on webster street in alameda but spends her spare time serving up her own brand of warmth. >> they use blankets that people give me i stick in the middle. >> reporter: linda sews free homemade quilts for the homeless. it started 6 years ago. she sews to supplement her income and pondrd how to use a
6:44 pm
pile of leftover fabric. >> so i just sewed all the scraps together and made blanket and gave them to people that were out in the street or whatever. >> reporter: it takes linda four to five hours to sew one quilt. when she has made several she gives them to the homeless at shelters in alameda and antioch near her work and home. >> when i got my armful of blankets and there are sitting out in the cold, they go, come running up can i have this one, can i center that one, thank you, thank you, they are all excited and that makes me feel good. >> reporter: her friend patty says she doesn't stop at the shelters. >> she will go up and down the street to see people laying on the ground or whatever, you know, homeless and she will give them a quilt. >> reporter: and anytime linda needs more blanket donations for the homeless, she just puts a sign in the cafe window and the donations come pouring in. >> my customers are wonderful. they just donate, donate, donated. i finally had to say slow down i don't have room for everything. >> reporter: long-time cafe
6:45 pm
customer lark mcmullin-ramirez says she often contributes material because she gets wrapped up in linda's generosity. >> he when i heard about it, i started crying. oh, you got my crying now. she is just a wonderful person. i just love it. she has -- she just gives and gives. >> reporter: linda's patchworks also comfort those who grieve. she took the clothes of a couple who died in a plane crash and sewed them into blankets for their children. >> of a made the blankets and gave them to them, the uncle told me that the youngest boy was so happy, said i wanted something so bad that would remind me of my dad and now i can wrap myself up in this blanket and think about him. >> reporter: so for distributing dozens of free hand made blankets to the homeless and heartbroken this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to linda booth. sharon chin, cbs 5. nominate your local heroes for a jefferson award online at click the connect button at the top of the page and go down to jefferson award. all right, young lady.
6:46 pm
it's the middle of the week. temperatures are going to get warmer. >> and you're getting a little giddy! [ laughter ] >> a little. >> it's amazing on twitter today i was seeing that it's finally summery here in the bay area and somebody said, what are talking about? it's foggy! hello? that's summer! that's summertime in the bay area. but at least we are reaching our average high temperatures. we have been nine degrees below most of the month of july at least in the city of livermore which like a sister community to this right here. this is dublin inspiration circle. valley christian school, that's where we planted our camera and it's looking out in the direction -- now, get this, valley christian school and we are looking at mount diablo. [ laughter ] >> okay. is there a little irony in that? >> yeah. >> i love that mountain. love climbing that 3,814 feet. the clouds filtering in over tell graph hill beautiful vee from you the city here right there at coit tower. looks like if you are out and about we have a wide of range
6:47 pm
of temperatures from 57 in pacific can to the 60s across the bay, 80s inland. still 88 in san ramon. hoarser pinpoint forecast. we have the return of the -- here's your pinpoint forecast. we have the return of the marine layer and it will march inland at least a good 50 miles but it's going to become more compressed due to ridging aloft, which ends up being good. we'll have earlier burnoff and sunshine. we have an area of high pressure over the eastern pacific and another over the four corners states and it's about time because of those two elements there that we do see temperatures where they should be for this time of the year. your july averages shy of 70 in san francisco, 83 san jose, 89 live. and what we are forecasting for your thursday is spot on. in fact, above average in livermore up to 95 degrees. 86 degrees above normal in san jose. all the way up to 85 degrees in
6:48 pm
santa rosa. that's an increase from 78 degrees today. it was 64 in san francisco, forecasting 69 degrees. and we'll see that partial clearing in pacifica. repeat performance for friday. over the weekend, sure, we may see a touch of some mugginess due to monsoonal moisture to the south of us but overall, that will affect monterey and san benito counties. we are talking about temperatures in the 60s through 70s all the way up to the 90s over the weekend. temperatures go down a little this time next week. summer time fun in concord. hours of the morning, and its keep your pictures coming to dana, have you ever tried that before? >> no. >> why not?
6:49 pm
>> this weekend. >> we don't have them. >> she doesn't like to get her hair wet. >> exactly. it gets all messy. thanks. a scooter stolen in the early hours of the morning and it's all caught on tape. coming up on eyewitness news at 10:00 on the cw and 11:00 on cbs 5 the creative way a bay area business owner is hoping to catch a thief. giants made a huge trade today. i'm dennis o'donnell. the 49ers lost their center and may be without their star runningback, as well. we're up next. ,, ,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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move, trading their #1 minor washington is under a deadline but baseball's trade deadline is coming up. >> the life of a general manager you can make a deal and look like a genius or the village idiot. the giants are making a bold move trading their number one minor league pitching prospect zach wheeler to the mets for 34- year-old slugger carlos beltran who is a free agent after the season. he had 66 runs batted in and wasn't on the team bus today as the mets arrived in cincinatti. he is reportedly headed to philadelphia to join the giants
6:53 pm
tomorrow. beltran will bat third and playwright field and the mets will pay $4 million of the 6 million remaining on his contract n short, the giants get a big time slugger for the final two months. regular season. >> he is a complete player. carlos has all the tools that you look for in a player. he made all-star teams and won gold gloves and signed big contracts. he is one of the elite players in the game. here we had the catcher that was hitting clean-up for us and so you're not going to find that. so, you know, you try to improve the club in other areas lincecum is still out with the flu so matt cain on the hill for the giants tonight in philly. 3rd inning rowan burns his olds team triple to right field. whiteside scores. giants 1-0. matt cain brilliant
6:54 pm
again tonight. just like the play-off last year. seven innings, one run baseball and that run was unearned. 7th inning it rolls and rolls. keppinger scores. 2-0 giants. it just ended. it has just ended. breaking news. the giants win 2-1. brian wilson hung on for the save. angels starter ervin santana into the record books earlier today. >> lifted in the air toward left center field, and ervin santana has no-hit the cleveland indians! are you kidding me?! your first career victory is a no-hitter! >> nice pickup there. santana struck out 10 batters and only allowed two runners. one scored on an error. it was the thursday no-hitter pitched this season. the first angels solo no-hitter
6:55 pm
since 1984. >> after eight innings... things get a little complicated. [ laughter ] >> great stuff. one day after losing linebacker spikes to the chargers, another player agreed to a contract with the new york giants. frank gore is planning to hold out of training camp. he missed five games last season with a fractured hip. he wants the final year of his existing deal at $4 .9 million. ray mcdonald was re-signed to a five-year $20 million contract. nate clements will be released tomorrow. the agent denies it. the money saved on clements could allow the niners to make a run at nombe.
6:56 pm
the raiders arrived at camp today minus free agent guard robert gallery heading to the seahawks,bruce gradkowski to the bengals and nombe who is waiting for the highest bitter so what does all this mean for new head coach hugh jack on? >> let me remind everybody, there are still some very familiar football players on team. that's why john is here. that's why there's still free agency out there right? so if things go the wrong way, i mean, there are so many other different avenues to make sure that those things are taken care of. >> and there is another move. seahawks quarterback matt hasselbeck has agreed to a contract with the tennessee titans the three time pro bowler was rumored to have interest in san francisco or vice versa but chose to sign with the team out of the nfc west. hasselbeck is 36 and he will be the titan starter. i don't think he wanted to come into a situation in san francisco where he might have to compete with alex smith. >> who got the one year deal.
6:57 pm
>> just one year. and here we go into the season. any thoughts on what's going to happen with him? >> with alex? >> he is the starting quarterback because of the lockout. i think the niners have to get a backup because colin capper nick is the draft choice who was not going to be ready to play. if smith goes down you have a rookie on the sidelines. that's why they were interested in hasselbeck. that's why they have to find another veteran quarterback. >> it's now 6:57. is brett favre still retired? he remains retired at this moment. >> brett favre could be the backup to smithment in san francisco! >> he could start tomorrow. he is a veteran. >> it's just been confirmed. >> stop it. >> that's how this stuff gets rolling. all it takes is one remark. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. >> caption colorado, llc hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
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